FAQ - Selling

Will i get paid full amount on the website?

yes, we pay the full amount as quoted on website or will post you phone/device back free of charge.

My mobile phone/device is brand new boxed can I get more money?

Yes, we offer more for brand new phones

What if my phone is blacklisted?

We do not accept stolen or barred phones each phone we buy is checked via www.checkmend.com

What is an imei?

The international mobile equipment identity (imei) number is a 15 digit serial number usually printed back of the phone, sim tray or box.

You can display the imei on the screen if you enter *#06#

Does SellAnyFone.com buy broken or faulty phones/ devices?

Yes we accept broken/ faulty phones just select choose the faulty option

My mobile phone / device is not listed on the website?

We update our website on regular basis please try back again soon or email us info@sellanyfone.com