Are You Looking For Sell My Apple iPad?

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We offer the full value quoted on our website 100% or else we'll send your iPad back free of charge.

Minor superficial damage like scuffs or scratches don't bother us. We will pay you the full amount as promised even if your iPad does not look as good as new. If you have tried to sell your device to a recycling website in the past, you have probably experienced some discrepancies in the offered price and final price. Websites often state reasons like - ‘arrived in damaged condition' or ‘not as described,' for backtracking on their price. Once you have already sent your device to them, there is not much else you can do but accept the reduced price.

How quickly Does Your iPad Lose Value?

Every time a new model of iPad comes on the market the old ipad loses value, the question in people's minds is, "how can I sell my old iPad for a new one?" If you find yourself in that situation, you might be in right place.

We could give you a great deal on your used iPad

Several stores and websites offer to buy used iPads, but at a price that is a considerable step down from what you bought it for. Regardless of how good the condition of your device is, the offers you receive could make you feel like you're being conned.

If you are looking for the best price for your iPad we give you the best resale value on your Apple iPad, which can also be a substantial contribution towards buying a new one.

Help the enviroment

In our attempt to save the environment we do everything we can to refurbish or recycle your iPad responsibly. You can rest assured that your old device is not contributing to ewaste pollution when you sell your iPad to us.